The Ministry's People Profile

We are a fundamental Independent Baptist Church. That is, we are a non-denominational church, however, we are distinctly Baptist, and we are not ashamed of our label or our heritage. This congregation is young, and we are currently running about 30 on Sundays. There are about 50 people, who rotate in from week to week depending on their work schedules. We are dominated by singles and young married couples, though the age range for us varies from baby to 80, there is a diversity of cultures, which attend our services, and we are pleased to say it is truly interracial, as would please God.

The Ministries profile

We have children's church service every Sunday. Our weekly Bible studies are becoming very successful and are increasing in popularity. And our prayer meetings help teach the importance of intercessory prayer. The church places a lot of emphasis on fellowship and building relationships that will encourage spiritual growth. The people of Brooklyn are responding well. Many people deal with loneliness and broken trusts but through Christ they are finding healing.

This Ministry's Biblical Positions

The church is vibrant, but not charismatic.
It is inclusive, but not ecumenical.
It is uncompromising, but not uncompassionate.
We believe in the doctrines of historic Christianity and use the King James Bible only in our services.